Abraham Bliah


I came to live in Israel in 1983. In 1988 my production of "The Aggadah of Yom Kippur" puts me in financial trouble. I have a knack for wasting a lot of money with all my artistic creations and I have to get back to business if I am to fund my next fad. I am going back to France. My former partner bought a big law firm and asks for my help. In 1990, everything is fine and I am thinking of going back home. I get a call from a man who wants to meet me after reading my book. His name is Alex Joffé, he is a film producer. He gained fame with many Bourvil films (famous french actor) he made' and especially with the success of "No question on Saturday". We become great friends.
One day he seriously suggested that I give up my profession as a lawyer and do with him the work that is most important to him: HERZL. He talks to me with tears in the eyes. I knew very little about the creator of the Jewish state, but I succumb to his enthusiasm and went to get the few books in French I could find on the subject. He asks me to write a screenplay while he's already busy hiring the main stars. Ben Kingsley agreed to him to play the part of Herzl.
Alex has completed 70% of the budget and is working hard to complete it. The script I wrote was mediocre. I hadn't integrated Herzl's soul at the time, but that didn't bother Alex too much, who would call on an army of professional writers. The budget would never be completed, I move back to Israel, a year after Joffé dies. The project is forgotten for 25 years. One day I wake up with a new craze. I have to take over Alex's project, rewrite the script, find a producer. Why ? The urge of doing justice, the need to rehabilitate the man and his life achievements . I open Georges Weisz's book, "Herzl, a new reading". It's a shock; I am discovering the real Herzl, the one who not only created the concept of the Jewish state but who awakened the deep Jewish soul, buried under two millennia of exile.
There is nothing more frustrating than being a screenwriter. If no producer shows interest in your script, its fate is in the trash. After a year of work I finally have a script. I struggle to get it to some people from the film industry. I encounter a total disinterest for the subject. I hear that a historical film requires a very large budget, that a Jewish subject in France has no chance to pass the ramp. Out of question for me to give up, I still have the poor man's solution: transposing my scenario into a comic strip. After looking around the world for a designer, I choose Kiran Babu in India who has the perfect style for this historical fresco.
He's done a fabulous job; every page long awaited is received with joy. It will take me almost two years to finally see the work accomplished. Please don't tell me that comic books are a minor genre. This is what enabled me to penetrate so well into the soul of the people associated with Herzl, and into Herzl himself! I believe that both Herzl and Alex Joffé, up in heaven, must be happy

Born 1973
Category Photography
Language English, French

Author's books

Herzl: « Si vous le voulez, ce ne sera pas un rêve » (French Edition) 2021


En 1891 Théodore Herzl mène à Vienne une vie bourgeoise pendant que les juifs subissent antisémitisme et pogroms partout dans le monde. Un important quotidien viennois lui propose de couvrir en France l’actualité politique et littéraire de la capitale. Il ne se doute pas du bouleversement que cela entrainera pour lui et pour le monde entier. Son combat obstiné pour faire admettre aux nations et aux juifs eux-mêmes la nécessité d’un état juif fait de lui un des plus grands héros du vingtième siècle. .